My Priorities:

1) Make Policing Local Again: The changes brought by Police Scotland have changed our police – I think policing should be local.

2) Invest in Schools: All Parents in South Edinburgh know the capacity issues faced by our schools, we need investment to help them.

3) Community Control of Planning: South Edinburgh has seen some big controversial developments go through. I want to make sure community voices get listened to in the planning process.

4) Access to Health Services: The SNP Scottish Government has let spending on health fall behind the rest of the UK. I want everyone to be able to see their GP when they need to and for A&E to meet its legally required waiting times



My Commitments:

1) Always Putting Your Interests First: I will hold an annual survey to make sure I am putting South Edinburgh’s priorities first in the Scottish Parliament.

2) Accessible on your terms: People don’t have the time to come to MSP surgeries on Monday mornings. I will hold my surgeries every Saturday in busy places and I will offer every constituent a home visit.

3) Open, Honest and Transparent: We won’t agree on every single issue – but I promise to give you a straight answers and explain my decisions and votes in parliament.